Last minute tips ibps clerk mains

IBPS Clerk Mains strategy – Last Minute Tips for Students

IBPS Clerk Mains strategy – IBPS Clerk Mains 2019 is scheduled to be held on January 20, 2019. The preparation time for students is over now and you might have prepared starting from when the IBPS clerk notification was out. Your preparation must have regained momentum after the IBPS clerk result. Hope you all have thoroughly prepared by giving IBPS clerk online test of various test series providers and also the Current Affairs IBPS clerk practice set / Mock test by

IBPS Clerk Mains strategy

The strategy mentioned in this post will be beneficial for you if you have studied well and will provide you with a kind of motivation for succeeding in this exam. 

Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk Mains 

As you must be aware the pattern of examination for IBPS Clerk mains is as given below:

  • Total time for exam: 160 Minutes 
  • Total Marks: 200
  • Total Questions: 190

IBPS Clerk Mains Tips

Tip 1: Stop Studying from midnight and keep your mind relaxed

Do all your revision by today night and keep your mind relaxed on the day of exam. Try not to study on the day of exam. You had enough time to study for the exam. Last day study will cause you more harm than benefit. So don’t start any new topic on the day of exam. Just give a final revision to all the formulas and the current affairs.

Tip 2: Attempt the exam with a cool mind – Find out easy questions first

When the exam starts on January 20, 2019 and whichever section comes first be its quants, reasoning or english try to attempt those questions first that you can do easily. This is an art. The day you learn this art you can clear any exam.

For this give yourself a time of 1 minutes, in this one minute just go through some questions and you will surely get a set of questions which you can solve at first.

Result: This step i.e when you are able to solve some questions successfully will give you a mental boost and enable you to solve even difficult questions in such a serious time. 

Tip 3: Don’t loose your calm- Skip the questions in which you get Stuck

In every exam you would get some question where you get stucked in between. Try once more to solve it, if even then you are unsuccessful in solving it correctly just move on with the next questions. This will save your time.

Tip 4: Think about the present – Think of the Current Section which you are attempting

When a section gets over and a new section begins, dont think about how your previous section went. Just focus of the current section and repeat the process of finding some easy questions as per your standard.

Tip 5: Pre exams preparation

Keep all your documents like admit card, ID Card and stationary ready and reach the exam venue before time. This will again give your mind time to relax.

Your result depends on how your mind acts on the day of the exam. SO keep your mind cool and relaxed on the day of exam.

Give your best in the exam!!!

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