ESIC UDC Exam 2022 (Shift 1)

General Awareness Questions asked in ESIC UDC Exam 2022

General Awareness Questions asked in ESIC UDC Exam 2022

The ESIC UDC Exam 2022 was held on March 19, 2022. The exam had a General Awareness Section of 25 questions. In this post, we have compiled the General Awareness questions asked in the ESIC UDC Exam 2022 for Shift 1.

  1. When was LIC founded?- 1 September 1956
  2. When was FICCI established?-  1927
  3. When was DRDO founded?-  1958
  4. Who gave the name Mahatma to Gandhiji?- Rabindranath Tagore
  5. IFSCA Full form?- International Financial Services Centres Authority
  6. When was the Battle of Haldighati was fought? on 18 June 1576
  7. Which of the following is known as Sorrow of Bengal?- River Damodar
  8. In which year did Lata Mangeshkar was awarded the Bharat Ratna award?- 2001
  9. Where is the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of India located?- Mumbai
  10. Where is world’s third largest cricket stadium located?- Jaipur
  11. When is National Startup Day celebrated?- January 16
  12. Which edition of Army Day was celebrated in 2022?- 74
  13. Who has been appointed as the Vice President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?- Urjit Patel
  14. Who had been conferred with the Padma Vibhushan award in Art field in 2022?- Ms. Prabha Atre
  15. Union Territory with highest population density as per Census 2011?- Delhi
  16. ISRO has signed an agreement with how many countries for launch of satellite?- 4
  17. PM-KISAN Yojana- total amount in a year?- Rs 6000
  18. Who is the father of Sanskrit?- Pāṇini
  19. Whom has PV Sindhu defeated to win the title at Syed Modi badminton 2022?- Malvika Bansod
  20. Question on Ramon Magsaysay Award
  21. Golden Globe Award for best film in Drama Category?- Nomadland
  22. Who is the author of book A Little Book of India?- Ruskin Bond
  23. Birju Maharaj is related to which field? – Kathak dancer
  24. Who is the father of Modern Indian Art?- Raja Ravi Varma
  25. Question on Hindi language Article

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GA Questions asked in ESIC UDC Exam 2022 was held on March 19, 2022 (Shift 2)

  1. Who has been conferred with the Assam Baibhav Award?- Ratan Tata
  2. When is Braille Day observed?- 4 January
  3. The Simon Commission was dispatched to India in which year?- 1928
  4. Nusantara is new capital of?- Indonesia
  5. Hunar Haat by which ministry?- Ministry of Minority Affairs

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