Will Narendra Modi really leave social media?

Will Narendra Modi really leave social media?

What’s the reason behind PM Narendra Modi post of leaving social media? Will he actually leave all his social media sites?

If you have seen the post of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Facebook which says that

“This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.
Will keep you all posted.”

You must be in surprise. Here is a screenshot of his post on Facebooknarendra modi leaving social media

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So the question is Will Narendra Modi really leave social media?

PM Narendra Modi has a huge fan following in real life and on social media. So why does he want to leave his social media accounts is a big question. He is very good at making big and unexpected announcements. This is one of them. Although it must be understood that he has only said that he is thinking of giving up. Hence there are chances that there may be a twist in the story.

What’s so special in this Sunday?

The day chosen by PM Modi to quit social media accounts is not a random day. It is International Women’s Day. So is there any correlation between this day and the hidden words used by PM Modi? We may come to know all this only on Sunday.

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Why PM Modi may actually leave Social Media?

PM Modi is a very spiritual person. He might have got some enlightenment and hence must be thinking of going away from these materialistic things. 

Or is there any twist?

PM Modi is known for making unexpected announcements. You must be aware that PM Modi has huge number of followers on every social media account. Is it that by giving up he means that he is giving up his account to some women based organisation that might use his fab reach for women empowerment? We can’t predict anything as of now.

Reaction of people on PM Modi leaving social media account

People are sad on hearing that their beloved PM Modi might leave social media account, as it is a way in which the general public connects with the strong PM of this strong Nation. Let’s see some of the comments by people.

Sandip Dutta says- Respected Sir, I request you not to Quit Yourself from all Social Media Pages. You are the Inspirations of all Indians. We all Indians are proud of you. Your hard work, your determinations, your strong personality always hurt the oppositions. Please re- consider your decision.

A Biswas says  Hon PM, We love you and stand by you. You must have reasons for saying what you did. We support all the decisions you have taken for India after being elected again with absolute majority.We know a lot of path breaking decisions on ground will happen even without these social media tools or alternatives you come up with, if any!Jai Hind!

Shweta Singh says If it is to create diplomatic pressure on Facebook and other social media, plz let us know we will to block on immediate effects, specifically WhatsApp

Vinod Nair says Great initiative Sir, I would like and support it
These social platform should be learned something from your actions
I will also leave all social media in support of your goodwill gesture.

What are your views on PM Modi leaving social media accounts? Comment us below.

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If PM Modi leaves the social media world, his social media accounts will become history. So here are the links to his various social media handles.

PM Modi’s Facebook Account

PM Modi’s Twitter Account

PM Modi’s Instagram Account

PM Modi’s Youtube Account

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