Understanding The Concept Of Three Dimensional Geometry

Understanding The Concept Of Three Dimensional Geometry

Every subject has some topics that learners can relate to easily while some simply don’t understand. Likewise, mathematics has some topics that students take well, and some that baffle them. One of the topics in mathematics that most students aren’t willing to study is geometry. The reason behind maybe is that geometry is full of rules and concepts that one has to make an effort to remember since these concepts can’t be brought to use in our day to day lives. However, if one understands the concepts and the rules well enough then memorising wouldn’t be a strenuous thing to do and one can effortlessly attempt the questions based on geometry.

How would it be like to live in a world with no height? Life in a two-dimensional setting is simply unimaginable. Presently, the world we live in has its height, length and breadth. Everything we observe around us is in a three-dimensional shape. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for us to understand the properties related to three-dimensional geometry.

In this article, we are going to discuss the basic as well as advanced concepts related to three-dimensional geometry. Therefore, make sure to go through the article thoroughly and have some informative takeaways.

What Is Three Dimensional Geometry?

Three-dimensional geometry is a topic in mathematics that deals with 3D shapes. It involves 3 coordinates which are x,y and z since in a 3D space to be able to point a location one needs three parameters. The reason behind having 3-dimensional coordinates is to be able to understand the different operations on a point in the 3d plane.

What Are Some Important Topics In Three Dimensional Geometry?

The three-dimensional geometry as a whole is one of the most important topics from which questions come in various competitive exams especially IIT JEE. However, some subtopics have the maximum weightage in competitive exams. Let’s see the list of all the important topics.

  • The meeting of line and plane
  • The equation of line and plane
  • Direction cosine and direction ratio
  • The angle between two intersecting lines
  • Coordinate of a point in space, distance formula
  • Skew lines and the shortest distance between two lines

What Are The Applications Of Three Dimensional Geometry?

The points mentioned below will help you realise the diversity in the applicability of three-dimensional geometry.

  • The most familiar application of three-dimensional geometry can be seen in computer-aided designs or CAD for various purposes.
  • At the time of construction of automobiles, visual graphics, computer graphics, programmings, nanotechnology, video games or any kind of visual reality creation programming is done with the proper understanding of three-dimensional geometry.
  • It plays a very significant role in enabling us to locate various galaxies, solar systems, planets, stars and other moving bodies in outer space.
  • Another application is in the calculation between coordinates because of which we can chart trajectories for the journey of a space vehicle’s and its entry point into a planet’s atmosphere.

What Is The Accurate Method Of Studying 3D Geometry?

Read the points below and gather some tips on how to study the topic called 3D geometry.

  • Besides understanding theories and solving numerical focus on previous year questions from the topic.
  • Make it a point to solve mock questions daily and in a time-bound manner.
  • Focus on accuracy with timing with the questions from 3D geometry.
  • Most importantly, make short notes of important concepts and a small book for formulas and rules for a quick revision.

Furthermore, understand the meanings, concepts, properties and applications of parabola in mathematics.

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