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Static GK Based Quiz – Set 143

Static GK Quiz – Set 143

Static GK Quiz: Static GK is an important part of Current Affairs Section of Banking and Insurance Exam. You can refer our Static GK PDF and Study material for studying the Static GK Part and then attempt our Static GK Quiz. Static GK is very important for bank exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, RRB CLerk and PO. Your GK Knowledge will fetch you better marks. So study our static GK Content and attempt the Static GK Quiz Now.

  1. Which among the given national parks is not located in India?
    A) Valmiki National Park
    B) Dudhwa National Park
    C) Bandipur National Park
    D) Chitwan National Park
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    Option D
    Chitwan National Park is in Nepal and continuation of Valmiki National Park.
  2. The Jog Falls is located in which of the following states?
    A) Telangana
    B) Rajasthan
    C) Karnataka
    D) Maharashtra
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    Option C
  3. Barauni is an industrial town located in which of the following states?
    A) Bihar
    B) Uttar Pradesh
    C) Haryana
    D) Himachal Pradesh
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    Option A
    Barauni is an industrial town situated on the bank of the river Ganges in Begusarai district of the state of Bihar
  4. Wheeler Island in Odisha, has been renamed as____________
    A) Sardar Patel Island
    B) Abdul Kalam Island
    C) Rajiv Gandhi Island
    D) C.V. Raman Island
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    Option B
  5. The Radcliffe Line is a line of demarcation between
    A) India & Afghanistan
    B) Pakistan & Bangladesh
    C) India & Pakistan
    D) Bangladesh & Afghanistan
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    Option C
    The Radcliffe Line was the boundary demarcation line between the Indian and Pakistani portions of the Punjab and Bengal provinces of British India
  6. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has its headquarter based at__________
    A) Paris, France
    B) London, United Kingdom
    C) New York, United States
    D) Gland, Switzerland
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    Option D
  7. What is the currency of Tunisia?
    A) Peso
    B) Dinar
    C) Euro
    D) Pound
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    Option B
    Capital – Tunis
  8. The Blue Revolution is related to the production of ___________
    A) Leather
    B) Oil
    C) Fish
    D) Jute
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    Option C
  9. Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Station is located in which of the following states?
    A) Punjab
    B) Assam
    C) Madhya Pradesh
    D) Bihar
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    Option D
  10. The Khyber Pass is located in which of the following countries?
    A) Pakistan
    B) Nepal
    C) India
    D) Bangladesh
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    Option  A
    The Khyber Pass is a mountain pass in the northwest of Pakistan, on the border with Afghanistan.

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