How to keep yourself motivated during lockdown phase (Banking Aspirant special)

How to keep yourself motivated during lockdown phase

(Banking Aspirant special)

Though the lockdown phase due to COVID-19 is now over, still there is time in which IBPS and other banks will actually conduct the exams. This is a phase when aspirants of banking exams may feel demotivated or dejected. But this should not be the case, and all aspirants should utilise this time in making their base (of concepts) stronger.

You may have any of the following feelings (as exams are not being held):

  • Feeling Demotivated
  • Unwillingness to study- As exams are not being held.
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness

How to overcome such negativity?

Although we do not know when the exams season will start again, however, we should not fill ourselves with negative thoughts and rather utilize this time so judicially that whenever the next exam is held, we should be able to clear all exams after that in series.

Keeping this in mind you should study every day with all your dedication.

Here we are sharing some ways to keep you motivated and help you in preparing better in this difficult phase.

Set a daily target and achieve it– Every morning set a target either in terms of topics that you have to study, or the number of test series that you will attempt or the number of hours you will study in a day. Set a target which is slightly more than you can achieve easily. Setting a daily target and achieving it on a daily basis, will help you in being ahead of your competitors.

Study all concepts and Sections– Since you have a lot of time, utilize this time to study the concepts of Reasoning, Quants and English which you find difficult and have been skipping for previous exams. Try to make your weak points your strength. The day you are able to do this, there would be no exams (banking at least) in which you would fail.

Buy test series and give mock test– After you have a good hold on all the sections and concepts, you may buy any good test series and start giving at least one mock test on a regular basis. After giving the mock test, analyze your mistakes on a detailed basis. Whatever time it may take to analyze, don’t consider this time to be wasted. Doing this on regular basis will enhance your speed and accuracy. 

Avoid doing things that distract you– This is a phase which if utilized properly will lead you to a job that will pay you a salary. So keeping this in mind, so doing things that distract you. It may be watching web series, playing mobile games, watching your favourite tv shows. If you can do it in limits that is okay. However, try avoiding such things.

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