How to Prepare for IBPS Exams in 2019

How to Prepare for IBPS Exams in 2019?

How to Prepare for IBPS Exams in 2019?

Do u need the motivation to crack IBPS entrance exams? Are you beginner and want to know that pattern of the exam or an intermediate trying to score par score above the cutoff? Or are you giving the exam since long but missing by some meagre marks? If any of your answer is yes, then this post is for you. We also have a sure shot success plan for you in this post.

If you are preparing for IBPS exams and other banking exams you need to follow certain guidelines and steps to succeed in this most popular Banking Entrance Exam IBPS. We will discuss all this in the post.

IBPS and Exams that it conducts?

  • Lets first see what exams and for which banks IBPS conducts the entrance exam.
  • Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts the entrance exams for Public Sector Banks in India (Both for Clerical grade and Officer Grade) and also for Regional Rural Banks (Both for clerical grade and officers grade).

IBPS Exam Dates and Calendar for 2019

IBPS RRB Officers and Clerical Exams in 2019 (CRP RRB-VIII)
  • Date of Preliminary Exam for Officers and Clerical Grade: 03.08.2019, 04.08.2019, 11.08.2019, 17.08.2019, 18.08.2019 & 25.08.2019
  • Date of Mains Exam for Officer Scale I: 22.09.2019
  • Date of Mains Exam for Clerical Grade: 29.09.2019
IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk and IBPS Specialist Officer exam (For Public Sector Banks Entrance)

Exam Date of Preliminary Exam Date of Mains Exam
IBPS PO (Probationary Officers) 12.10.2019, 13.10.2019, 19.10.2019 and 20.10.2019 30.11.2019
IBPS Clerk 07.12.2019, 08.12.2019, 14.12.2019 and 15.12.2019 19.01.2020
IBPS SO (Specialist Officers) 28.12.2019, 29.12.2019 25.01.2020

These are tentative dates and may change in future.

Why Tentative calendar is important for you?

You can plan your study programme as per the exam dates. You can divide the sections to study and the topics to study as per the exam schedule. If you have a look at the exam dates the season will start with RRB exam, followed by IBPS PO and then by IBPS Clerk. So you can plan your study time table accordingly.

IBPS Vacancy in 2019?

IBPS has not yet released the number of vacancy for PO, Clerk or RRB PO/Clerk. The same will be notified when the notification of the respective exam is released. However you can take a look on number of vacancies released by IBPS in 2018.

Exam Number of Vacancies
IBPS PO 2018 4252
IBPS Clerk 2018 7275
IBPS RRB Officers Scale I 3512

Sections asked in IBPS Exams

We will provided a detailed sectional analysis of the IBPS Exams at the end of this post. But for now you must know that in Prelims Exam 3 section are asked: English, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. In the Mains Exam you have to study English, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Current Affairs (Including Banking Awareness and Static GK). In RRB PO you have to study Computer also for Mains Exams. We will make a separate post for what to study for IBPS Exams.

How to start preparation for IBPS Exam from the basic?

Remember the Rule: First you have to complete all the required syllabus and then Secondly you have to give mock test and practise from questions from wherever you get quality questions. Now lets go a bit deeper.

Stage 1: To succeed in any exam be it IBPS or SBI you should first make you basics of the subject very very strong.

  • For this first you have to give ample time in studying all the important chapters of the sections. So now you can start the year 2019 by making a proper time table and follow it rigorously to complete your study syllabus on time. If you have already studied every thing you can move onto the next stage.
  • Give yourself ample time for this. Take 3-4 months and keep practising questions on topics that you have studied till now everyday. In this way you will not forget what you had studied some days ago. 

Stage 2: Now when you start practising questions on online study forums or Online Mock Test you will get some good quality questions. Practise them. Enrol for Mock Test Series and Give one mock test every day.

By giving Mock Test daily you will get habituated of actual exam. Also you have to develop the skill of picking easy questions or questions that you are strong at. If you are able to master this skill you are one step ahead of other. 

Picking Questions in Exam is an Art. Master it.

Do you want to know a sure shot method to get selected in IBPS Exam?

The method is analysing your Mock Test. 

After attempting any mock test it is equally important to analyse your result. Dont think analysis as a waste of time. Even if your analysis takes 1 hour this 1 hour will prove very fruitful for you in your actual exams. 

How to analyse or things to analyse in the Mock Test?

Un-attempted Questions: See why you were unable to solve the question. There can be two possible reason. Either the time was insufficient or You did not knew the solution. If the time was insufficient then its Okay and just see if you can solve it during analysis and move on further.  If you were unable to solve it during mock test time then it means you need to work on that topic more. So just go through that topic once and make it a point to attempt such questions in future.

Wrong Answers: If you have given a wrong answer then just see why you made it wrong. Was it due to negligence like calculation mistake or was there problem in your algorithm. If it was due to negligence then see where you went wrong and make it a point not to repeat it again. If it was due to wrong approach in answering the questions then again go through that topic well.

Answered Questions: Now at last comes the questions that you had answered correctly. Why you need to analyse this? Some good Mock Test Series provide solution to their test series. You can check their way of solving the question and compare with yours. By seeing their solution you can see if you can adopt a shorter way of solving that questions. 

So by analysing the Mock Tests you are preparing yourself to make lesser mistakes in future. So always analyse your Mock After Attempting.

Attempting a Mock is only half the way. Analysing it thoroughly makes it 100%.

Which Mock test series to attempt?

Though there are many Mock Test Series Available in the market, but you should buy Mock Test series only from Quality Providers. ByScoop recommends Oliveboard and PracticeMock Test Series. You should also keep some low cost test series in backup that you can attempt on alternate days. For that you can take Mahendra’s Test Series.  

How to be Motivated during studies of IBPS?

  • Everyday studying makes your life very monotonous and boring. You need to keep yourself motivated. But remember one thing: The best motivation is Self Motivation, as external motivations gained from watching motivational videos lasts only for day or two.
  • So be self motivated. 
  • To be self-motivated always be positive and think about the end result that you will achieve after getting selected in IBPS Exams and eventually in any PSBs. Be Motivated, be Happy, be Postive. 
  • To ensure that you do not get frustrated and avoid mental saturation, take a break on any one half of a day of a week. Do what you love like watching movie or anything else that you enjoy. But avoid taking a full day break as it will break your study momentum. 

Give as many exams as possible

Giving actual exam is much different than giving mock test. Even if you give 100’s or mock test but the confidence and experience that you will gain by giving one actual exam is incomparable. So if money is not an issue fill all the banking and insurance exam forms. By this you will get to know the pattern of questions in trend and also gain confidence for upcoming exams. 


  • Complete the required syllabus.
  • Attempt Online Mock Test and Analyse them. Attempting a Mock is only half the way. Analysing it thoroughly makes it 100%.
  • Picking Questions in Exam is an Art. Master it.
  • Be Positive and Self Motivated.
  • Give as may exams as possible (Actual Exams)

If you have any other query or suggestions please comment in the comment section.

Sections asked in IBPS Exams / Exam Pattern of IBPS

Here we will take a look on exam pattern in the year 2018. The exam pattern of 2019 will be released by IBPS in the notification of the respective exams. Also the pattern of IBPS exams depends very much on the SBI PO Exam. So keep a close look on SBI PO Exam of 2019.

Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk 2018

Click Here to view Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk 2018


Exam Pattern of IBPS PO 2018

Click Here to view Exam Pattern of IBPS PO 2018

ibps po pre

Exam Pattern of IBPS RRB Officer and Assistant 2018

Click Here to view Exam Pattern of IBPS RRB 2018

ibps rrb

Click Here to download Tentative Calendar of IBPS Online CRP for RRBs & PSBs from Official Website

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