How to avoid Distraction

How to avoid distractions while preparing for Bank and Insurance Exams

How to avoid distractions while preparing for Bank and Insurance Exams

It is very common for students to get distracted from studies after a few minutes of study. But do you know why you get distracted? What are the various sources of your distraction? How you can overcome these distractions? Or better how you can convert some of these distractions for your betterment. So we will help you in avoiding distraction in your studies.

Let’s first understand when do we get distracted easily and when we do not. 

We get distracted when we are unsure of what we are doing and
we do not get distracted when we clearly know what we are upto. 

For example: When you are watching a Movie, you don’t get distracted as you know why you are watching it. If you bring a similar level of dedication, clarity and focus in your studies you will never need any outer source of motivation for study and you will rarely be distracted. 

So just spend a day thinking and analyzing :

    • why you are studying,
    • what you need to achieve.
    • Why you need to achieve
    • How your life will become after you succeed with this study.

Feel the confidence, bring a source of motivation within yourself. Feel that life that you will live when you become a Bank PO, Insurance AAO, RBI Assistant/Grade B anything that you want to be. And after that just save this thing in your memory. Whenever you feel low or get distracted just reflash these things in your mind and start your study again with full confidence.

Sources of Distraction

Mobile Phones: Though students these days use mobile phones for studies, watching lecture, giving mock test, however, the same phone becomes the main source of distraction for many students. Students unlock their phones for studies and end up on social media platforms.

Social Media Websites and Apps: You all must be aware of how social media kills our time. You can easily spend 1-2 hours on such websites. But 1-2 hours of study becomes boring.

Friends/Relatives: When you are preparing for any exams, you need to be very attentive and be very focused. In such times your friends and relatives may distract you from your studies.

Sleep: If you do not follow healthy habits and regular sleep pattern you would end up sleeping at irregular intervals. This will hamper your studies.

How to remove these distractions

As explained at the beginning of this post, first understand why you need to study rest all will follow. However, we will just explain some points for removing the distraction for you.

Make a schedule: Make a schedule for your study. Keep a target on a daily basis and follow it every day. In this way, you will not get extra time to waste.

Keep distance from Social Media Platform: Many students will argue that they can study even with social media as they are sharing questions and answers on these platforms. If you can use such a platform for study purpose without getting distracted then it is well and good. But if not, then till you get selected somewhere, reduce its usage to minimal. 

Use phone/laptop only for study purpose: Till you get selected in any exam, use your mobile phones and laptop only for study purpose. Delete unnecessary stuff from the laptop/mobile so you could focus only n studies. 

Take a break between study and use it judiciously: For proper focus in study, you need to take breaks at regular interval as per your stamina. What you do in this duration of the break, decides how you will study after the break. If you start using social media in the break, it will distract you. So do something relaxing in the break. You can listen to music, read something of your interest, or you can go out for a walk.

Following these tips will surely bring some improvement in your study habits. Remember one thing, the day you bring inner motivation within yourself no one can stop you from achieving the thing you want. We hope this article helps you in your preparation. 

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment us in the comment section below.

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