GK Quiz 105: Economics Quiz for SSC and other exams

General Awareness Quiz – Economics

General Awareness Quiz Set 105 for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and Railways exams. Economics Quiz for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railways etc.

Topic: Economics

  1. National Rural Development Institute is situated at ?
    (a) Hyderabad
    (b) Bangalore
    (c) Delhi
    (d) Chennai
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      Option A.
  2. National Income estimates in India is prepared by
    (a) Finance Ministry
    (b) RBI
    (c) Planning Commission
    (d) C. S. O
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      Option D.
    Explanation:C.S. O.
  3. Which crop is sown on the largest area in India?
    (a) Maize
    (b) Rice
    (c) Wheat
    (d) Sugarcane
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      Option B.
  4. Consumer Protection Act (CORPA) was implemented in ?
    (a) 1986
    (b) 1980
    (c) 1900
    (d) 1982
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    Option A.
    Explanation: 1986.
  5. Which tax is collected by Panchayats
    (a) Tax on Local Fairs
    (b) Sales Tax
    (c) Custom Duty
    (d) Goods Tax
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      Option A.
    Tax on local Fairs.
  6. Foreign currency which has a tendency of quick migration is called
    (a) Scarce Currency
    (b) Soft Currency
    (c) Hard Currency
    (d) Hot Currency
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      Option D.
    Explanation:Hot Currency.
  7. The zero price elasticity of demand (ep=0) is also called as
    (a) perfectly inelastic demand
    (b) perfectly elastic demand
    (c) unitary elasticity of demand
    (d) point elasticity of demand
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    Option D.
    point elasticity of demand.
  8. Price effect is a combination of
    (a) income effect and consumption effect
    (b) consumption effect and substitution effect
    (c) income effect and substitution effect
    (d) income effect and investment effect
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      Option C.
    Explanation:income effect and substitution effect.
  9. Engel curve shows the relationship between
    (a) two goods, say X and Y
    (b) level of income and quantity purchased
    (c) level of income and consumption
    (d) level of income and the relative prices of the commodities
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      Option B.
    Explanation: level of income and quantity purchased.
  10. Which of the following theories of business cycle was put forward by Hicks?
    (a) The innovation theory
    (b) The monetary theory
    (c) The over investment theory
    (d) The multiplier accelerator theory
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      Option A.
    The Innovation Theory.

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