Current Affairs Quiz- 28 June 2018

Current Affairs Quiz 28 June 2018

Current Affairs forms an important part of all Bank exams. Practise Current Affairs Questions everyday from ByScoop to gain confidence and cover all important questions for upcoming exams. Update yourself with our Daily Current Affairs Quiz.

  1. Which is the first state to offer digital property registration?
    A) Haryana

    B) Kerala
    C) Punjab
    D) Maharashtra
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      Option C
    Explanation: Punjab became the first state in the country to have online registration of properties. Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh inaugurated the new system at the district revenue office through videoconferencing from Chandigarh. (
  2. The Higher Education Commission of India Act 2018 will repeal which Act?
    A) AICTE Act 1987

    B) AMIE Act 1994
    C) UGC Act, 1987
    D) University Grants Commission Act, 1956
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      Option D
    Explanation: Higher Education Commission of India Act 2018 will repeal University Grants Commission Act, 1956.
  3. Who will represent India in the 2+2 dialogue with The US?
    A) Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley

    B) Sushma Swaraj and Nirmala Sitharaman
    C) Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj
    D) Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley
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    Option B
    Explanation: Swaraj and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman were earlier scheduled to travel to the US to take part in the meeting with Pompeo and Secretary of Defence James Mattis
  4. Which of the following is the only authorized company to produce Oxytocin?
    A) Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited

    B) Fornax India
    C) Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals ltd
    D) Brand India Pharma
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    Option C
    Explanation: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has restricted the manufacture of Oxytocin formulations for domestic use to public sector only from 1st July 2018. It has also banned the import of Oxytocin and its formulations. State-run Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals ltd (KAPl) will produce it for domestic use.
  5. Financial Action Task Force has added which county to its ‘grey list’?
    A) Afghanistan

    B) Syria
    C) Pakistan
    D) Iraq
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    Option C
    Explanation: Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has placed Pakistan on the grey list for failing to curb anti-terror financing.
  6. Where is the headquarters of FATF located?
    A) Paris

    B) Geneva
    C) Madrid
    D) Vienna
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    Option A
    Explanation: Headquarters of FATF- Paris, France.
  7. Which actress has collaborated with UNESCO to promote safe, secure cyberspace for kids?
    A) Kangana Ranaut

    B) Aishwarya Rai
    C) Sonakshi Sinha
    D) Juhi Chawala
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    Option C
    Explanation: Sonakshi Sinha is collaborating with UNESCO to empower digital citizens and promote secure cyber environment for children to prevent cyberbullying, online sexual abuse and exploitation on social media platforms.
  8. Which firm has started “Smart” campaigns to allow companies to connect with customers online?
    A) Microsoft

    B) Google
    C) Facebook
    D) Wikipedia
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    Option B
    Explanation: To help small businesses connect with relevant customers online, Google has introduced “Smart” campaigns which allow them to create ads in minutes.
  9. Which bank has acquired IL&FS Securities?
    A) ICICI Bank

    B) HDFC Bank
    C) IndusInd Bank
    D) Axis Bank
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    Option C
    Explanation: IndusInd Bank has acquired 100 per cent of IL&FS Securities Services Ltd (ISSL) for an undisclosed sum. ISSL, incorporated in 2006-07, is a capital market intermediary offering the clearing of exchange traded derivatives, depository and custodial services.
  10. Sovereign Rating of which of the following country is not included in the 5 least vulnerable country to currency pressure as identified by Moody?
    A) India

    B) China
    C) Mexico
    D) Turkey
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    Option D
    Explanation: India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia are among the “least vulnerable” to currency pressures. Argentina, Turkey and Sri Lanka are among the most exposed economies to dollar strengthening.


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