Banking Quiz.

Banking Awareness Quiz – Set 61 – Miscellaneous

Banking Awareness Quiz – Set 61 – Miscellaneous

Banking Awareness Quiz: We have created many quizzes on Banking Awareness and this set is one of them. These questions are most important for banking and insurance exams. The question asked in the Banking Awareness section are based both on static banking and that to current banking in news. These Banking Awareness sets will guide you in all banking exams like IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RRB Clerk and PO and other exams. So attempt all the sets now.

  1. What does GNP stands for?
    A) Gross National Product

    B) Group Net Product
    C) Grand Nuclear Process
    D) Group Networking Process
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    Option A
  2. The Reverse Repo rate is a tool used by the RBI to ___________
    A) Inject Liquidity

    B) Increase the liquidity with the banking ssystem
    C) Keep liquidity at one level
    D) Absorb Liqudity
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    Option D
  3. How many banks were nationalised in the second phase of nationalisation?
    A) 21

    B) 19
    C) 6
    D) 12
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    Option C
    Second phase of nationalisation was done on 15th April 1980List of Banks nationalised in 1980

    • Punjab and Sind bank
    • Vijaya bank
    • Oriental bank of India
    • Corporate bank
    • Andhra bank
    • New bank of India – (merged with PNB)

  4. When is the SBI Day observed?
    A) 1st January

    B) 1st July
    C) 1st June
    D) 1st August
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    Option B
  5. Which of the following acts has been launched to facilitate banks in recovery of bad loans?

    B) Income Tax Act
    C) RBI Act
    D) Banking Regulation Act
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    Option A
  6. Which of the following is linked with the Financial Inclusion initiative?
    A) Foreign Currency Accounts

    B) No-Frills Accounts
    C) Internet Banking
    D) Anywhere Banking
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    Option B
  7. What does V stands for in NAV?
    A) Vertical

    B) Variation
    C) Value
    D) Venture
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    Option C
     Net Asset Value
  8. What does ‘Hedging’ means?
    A) Protecting against fluctuations/ uncertainty in risk in Forex markets

    B) Credit risk assessment in respect of advance
    C) Speculative buying/ selling of foreign currency
    D) Capital risk assessment in respect of advances
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    Option A
  9. The World Economic Outlook is a survey published by which organisation?
    A) World Economic Forum

    B) IMF
    C) World Bank
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    Option B
    The World Economic Outlook is a survey conducted and published by the International Monetary Fund. 
  10. Banks are authorized to sell third party products. Which of the following denotes such products?
    A) Gift Cheques

    B) Debit Cards 
    C) Term Deposits
    D) Mutual Funds
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    Option D

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