Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz – Set 155

Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz: We have created many quizzes on Banking Awareness and this set is one of them. These questions are most important for banking and insurance exams. The question asked in the Banking Awareness section are based both on static banking and that to current banking in news. These Banking Awareness sets will guide you in all banking exams like IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RRB Clerk and PO and other exams.  The set will be beneficial for the Banking and financial awareness section of LIC AAOSo attempt all the sets now.

Banking & Financial Awareness Questions

  1. The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the gold industry. Its headquarter is based in___________
    A) Geneva

    B) New York
    C) London
    D) Nairobi
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    Option C
    London, United Kingdom
  2. The “Payment and Settlement Systems in India: Vision 2019 – 2021″ has been released by __________
    A) RBI

    B) Ministry of Finance
    C) NPCI
    D) NITI Aayog
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    Option A
  3. Which of these is the first decentralized cryptocurrency?
    A) Peercoin

    B) Litecoin
    C) Namecoin
    D) Bitcoin
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    Option D
    The first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto
  4. 6th day of every months is observed as the Protection Day by which of these companies?
    A) Life Insurance Corporation of India

    B) Max Life Insurance Company
    C) SBI Life Insurance Company
    D) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
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    Option B
    Max Life Insurance Company will observed the day to spread awareness about the concept of financial protection.
  5. D.K. Mohanty Committee was constituted to ____________
    A) Development of Housing Finance Securitisation Market

    B) Bring ‘Safety Manual’ of CPWD dept
    C) Encourage banks to open large currency chests
    D) Development of Secondary Market for Corporate Loans
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    Option C
  6. What is the authorised capital of Allahabad Bank?
    A) Rs 8000 crore

    B) Rs 5000 crore
    C) Rs 6000 crore
    D) Rs 7000 crore
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    Option A
  7. The interest rate on Employees’ Provident Fund for 2018-19 is____________
    A) 8.35%

    B) 8.45%
    C) 8.55%
    D) 8.65%
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    Option D
  8. The Bank of Baroda has become the third largest bank in the India post Dena, Vijaya merger Now the total number of branches of the bank is above __________
    A) 13,500

    B) 9,500
    C) 6,500
    D) 85,000
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    Option B
  9. Horizontal, vertical, concentric and conglomerate are the various types of ____________
    A) Mergers

    B) Amalgamation
    C) Acquisition
    D) Both A & C
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    Option D
  10. What is the charge imposed by UIDAI on entities for each customer verification/Aadhaar authentication services?
    A) Rs 15

    B) Rs 10
    C) Rs 20
    D) Rs 25
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    Option C
    For each customer verification/Aadhaar authentication services: Rs 20 (including taxes) For authentication of each transaction carried out by the entities (e-KYC transaction/for each Yes and No authentication transaction): Rs 0.50 (including taxes)

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