GK Quiz 87: Physics Quiz for SSC and other exams

General Awareness Quiz – Physics

General Awareness Quiz Set 87 for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and Railways exams. Physics Quiz for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railways etc.

Topic: General Science- Physics

  1. The wave theory of light can explain
    (A) compton effect

    (B) photoelectric effect
    (C) black body spectrum
    (D) interference of light
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      Option B.
    Explanation: Interference of Light.
  2. 1 amu is equivalent to
    (A) 1 eV

    (B) 931 eV
    (C) 931 KeV
    (D) 931 MeV
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      Option D.
    Explanation: 931 MeV.
  3. A metal-semiconductor junction diode is called _______
    (A) Schottky diode

    (B) Photo diode
    (C) Tunnel diode
    (D) P-N Juction diode
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    Option A.
    Explanation: Schottky diode.
  4. In a magnetic field, the direction of motion of a current carrying conductor is given by
    (A) Maxwell’s right hand rule
    (B) Lenz’s rule
    (C) Flemings left hand rule
    (D) Kirchoff’s law
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    Option C.
    Flemings Left Hand Rule.
  5. Sound waves do not show the phenomenon of
    (A) refraction

    (B) interference
    (C) diffraction
    (D) polarisation
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    Option D.
  6. The alluminating powers of two sources are compared by
    (A) a spectrometer

    (B) a photometer
    (C) a polarimeter
    (D) a fluxmeter
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      Option B.
    Explanation: Photometer.
  7. The refractive index of a transparent medium is maximum for
    (A) red light

    (B) violet light
    (C) yellow light
    (D) green light
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    Option B.
    Violet Light.
  8. Which of the following characteristics of light remains unchanged when light travels from vaccum enters water
    (A) speed

    (B) amplitude
    (C) frequency
    (D) wavelength
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      Option C.
    Explanation: Frequency .
  9. The lift of an aeroplane is caused by
    (A) Law of gravitation

    (B) Theorem of continuity
    (C) Pascal’s law
    (D) Bernoulli’s theorem
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      Option D.
    Explanation: Bernoulli’s Theorem.
  10. The velocity of falling rain drops attains a terminal value because of
    (A) surface tension

    (B) air current
    (C) upward thrust due to air
    (D) viscous force exerted by air
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      Option D.
    viscous force exerted by air.

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