GK Quiz 82: Biology Quiz for SSC and other exams

General Awareness Quiz – Biology

General Awareness Quiz Set 82 for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and Railways exams. Biology Quiz for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railways etc.

Topic: General Science- Biology

  1. Mushroom rock is formed by the action of
    (a) River
    (b) Wind
    (c) Glacier
    (d) Underground water
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      Option B.
    Explanation: Wind.
  2. The element that makes up about 50% of the earth’s crust is
    (a) Silicon
    (b) Iron
    (c) Oxygen
    (d) Aluminium
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      Option C.
    Explanation: Oxygen.
  3. Flat topped sea mounts are known as
    (a) Mesa
    (b) Guyot
    (c) Inselberg
    (d) Monadnock
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    Option B.
    Explanation: Guyot.
  4. Chromite is a member of
    (a) Spinel group

    (b) Epidote group
    (c) Olivine group
    (d) Mellilite group
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    Option A.
    Spinel group.
  5. Which one of the following is a ceramic mineral
    (a) Chlorite

    (b) Calcite
    (c) Quartz
    (d) Kaolinite
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    Option D.
  6. Which of the following organ did not produce Lipase enzyme
    (a) Pancreas

    (b) Mouth
    (c) Stomach
    (d) Intestine
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      Option D.
  7. The outer white part of the eye which is supporting wall of the eyeball is known as
    (a) Cornea
    (b) Sclera
    (c) Iris
    (d) Retina
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    Option B.
    Explanation: Sclera.
  8. Polyploidy arises due to change in the
    (a) Number of chromatids

    (b) Structure of genes
    (c) Number of chromosomes
    (d) Structure of chromosomes
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    Option C
    Number of chromosomes.
  9. Increased RBC’s in the blood leads to a condition called
    (a) Anemia
    (b) Haemophilia
    (c) Polycythemia
    (d) Leukaemia
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    Option C.
    Explanation: Polycythemia.
  10. The production of oxygen during photosynthesis is due to
    (a) hydrolysis of carbohydrates

    (b) photolysis of water
    (c) reduction of CO2
    (d) breakdown of chlorophyll
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    Option B.
    photolysis of water.

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