Current Banking Awareness Quiz

Current Banking Awareness Quiz – Set 55

Current Banking Awareness Quiz – Set 55

Target- Upcoming Bank exams

Months Covered- April, June, July and August 2021

  1. Who is the head of the Expert Committee on Urban Co-operative Banks formed by the RBI?
    A) K.V. Kamath

    B) Tapan Ray
    C) Mahesh Kumar Jain
    D) N. S. Vishwanathan
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      Option D
    Explanation: Shri N. S. Vishwanathan
  2. e-RUPI has been launched by NPCI in association with which ministry?
    A) Ministry of Home Affairs

    B) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    C) Ministry of Finance
    D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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      Option B
    Explanation: National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in association with Department of Financial Services (DFS), National Health Authority (NHA), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), and partner banks, has launched an innovative digital solution – ‘e-RUPI’.
  3. RBI has enhanced the loan limit to individual farmers against pledge/hypothecation of agricultural produce against Negotiable Warehouse Receipts (NWRs)/electronic-NWRs(e-NWRs) issued by the warehouses registered and regulated by Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA) from Rs 50 lakh to ________.
    A) Rs 55 lakh

    B) Rs 60 lakh
    C) Rs 70 lakh
    D) Rs 75 lakh
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    Option D
    Explanation: Rs 75 lakh
  4. What amount of discount is provided to customers who purchase the Sovereign Gold Bond thorugh digital mode?
    A) Rs 100/gram

    B) Rs 500/gram
    C) Rs 50/gram
    D) Rs 150/gram
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    Option D
    Explanation: Government of India, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, has decided to offer a discount of Rs. 50/- per gram less than the nominal value to those investors applying online and the payment against the application is made through digital mode.
  5. Which bank has recently announced to divest its entire stake of 19.18% in ARCIL?
    A) State Bank of India

    B) ICICI Bank
    C) Punjab National Bank
    D) IDBI Bank
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    Option D
    Explanation: IDBI Bank has announced that the board of IDBI Bank has approved to divest its entire stake of 19.18% in Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited (ARCIL).
  6. A S Rajeev is the MD and CEO of which Bank?
    A) Bank of Maharashtra

    B) Punjab National Bank
    C) Canara Bank
    D) UCO Bank
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    Option A
    Explanation: The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has extended the tenure of three managing directors and chief executive officers (MDs and CEOs). These are: S S Mallikarjuna Rao– MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank; A S Rajeev– MD and CEO of Bank of Maharashtra; Atul Kumar Goel- MD and CEO of UCO Bank
  7. What is the present CRR?
    A) 4%

    B) 3%
    C) 3.5%
    D) 3.25%
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    Option A
    Explanation: CRR is 4% at present
  8. Finance Minister has recently unveiled EASE 4.0. What does EASE stands for?
    A) Elevated Access & Supportive Excellence

    B) Enhanced Access & Systematic Expertise
    C) Enhanced Access & Service Excellence
    D) Elevated Access & Systematic Expertise
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    Option C
    Explanation: Enhanced Access & Service Excellence (EASE).
  9. The app “12% Club” has been launched by?
    A) BharatPe

    B) PhonePe
    C) Paytm
    D) Indi Cash
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    Option A
    Explanation: BharatPe has launched “12% Club” app that will allow consumers to invest and earn up to 12 percent annual interest or borrow at a similar rate.
  10. Asian Development Bank has recently sanctioned what amount of loan to expand Metro Rail Network in Bengaluru?
    A) USD 100 million

    B) USD 250 million
    C) USD 500 million
    D) USD 750 million
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    Option C
    Explanation: Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of India and have signed a $500 million loan to expand the metro rail network in Bengaluru with the construction of two new metro lines totaling 56 km in length.

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