Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz – Set 156

Banking & Financial Awareness Quiz: We have created many quizzes on Banking Awareness and this set is one of them. These questions are most important for banking and insurance exams. The question asked in the Banking Awareness section are based both on static banking and that to current banking in news. These Banking Awareness sets will guide you in all banking exams like IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RRB Clerk and PO and other exams.  The set will be beneficial for the Banking and financial awareness section of LIC AAOSo attempt all the sets now.

Banking & Financial Awareness Questions

  1. RBI has set the minimum LR at 3.5 percent for Indian lenders. What does LR stands for?
    A) Lending Ratio

    B) Leverage Ratio
    C) Liquidity Ratio
    D) Liability Ratio
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    Option B
    The minimum Leverage Ratio(LR) should be 4% for Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIBs) and 3.5% for other banks. (Basel III norms) 
  2. Razorpay is a payments solution company which recently has announced the support of 100 currencies for international payment. It has headquarter in which city?
    A) Mumbai

    B) Hyderabad
    C) Bengaluru
    D) Chennai
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    Option C
  3. The current mandate of the Monetary Policy Committee is to maintain ______ percent annual inflation until March 31, 2021
    A) 4%
    B) 3.5%
    C) 5%
    D) 2.8%
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    Option A
    The current mandate of the committee is to maintain 4% annual inflation until March 31, 2021 with an upper tolerance of 6% and a lower tolerance of 2%
  4. Name the committee which has been set up to fix the appropriate economic capital framework for RBI?
    A) Y. V. Reddy

    B) Bimal Jalan
    C) Duvvuri Subbarao
    D) Arvind Subramanian
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    Option B
  5. The EASE Reforms Ranking of RBI for PSBs is based on how many themes?
    A) 10

    B) 12
    C) 8
    D) 6
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    Option D
    EASE stands for – Enhanced Access and Service Excellence. The Index measures performance of each PSB on 140 objective metrics across 6 themes
  6. MCLR is used to determine rates of interests for loans. What does M denotes in MCLR?
    A) Minimum

    B) Mature
    C) Marginal
    D) Measured
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    Option C
    MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate)
  7. CTS is used for faster clearing of cheques. CTS stands for ________
    A) Cheque Truncation System

    B) Cheque Transfer System
    C) Cheque Transaction System
    D) Cheque Termination System
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    Option A
    Cheque Truncation System
  8. Which of these is SEBI recognised clearing corporation in India?
    A) Metropolitan Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.

    B) India International Clearing Corporation (IFSC) Limited
    C) Multi Commodity Exchange Clearing Corporation Ltd.
    D) All the above
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    Option D
  9. High Quality Liquid Assets (HQLAs) are basis for the purpose of computing the LCR of banks. What do LCR stands for?
    A) Least Cost Rate

    B) Liquidity Coverage Ratio
    C) Loan to Cost Ratio
    D) Leveraged Cost Rate
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    Option B
  10. Which bank has launched the ‘NRI-Insta-Online’ account-opening facility to enable NRIs open account without submitting paper documents?
    A) ICICI

    B) HDFC
    C) IDBI
    D) Axis Bank
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    Option C

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