Static GK Based Quiz – Set 146

Static GK Quiz

Static GK Quiz – Set 146

Static GK Quiz: Static GK is an important part of Current Affairs Section of Banking and Insurance Exam. You can refer our Static GK PDF and Study material for studying the Static GK Part and then attempt our Static GK Quiz. Static GK is very important for bank exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, RRB CLerk and PO. Your GK Knowledge will fetch you better marks. So study our static GK Content and attempt the Static GK Quiz Now.

  1. The Bara Imambara is located in which of the following cities?
    A) Chandigarh
    B) Jaipur
    C) Surat
    D) Lucknow
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    Option D
  2. The World Wetlands Day is celebrated on __________
    A) March 11
    B) February 2
    C) April 30
    D) July 17
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    Option B
  3. The Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (SJVN Limited) is based in which state of India?
    A) Jammu & Kashmir
    B) Punjab
    C) Himachal Pradesh
    D) Haryana
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    Option C
  4. What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan?
    A) Vilnius
    B) Tripoli
    C) Beirut
    D) Bishkek
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    Option D
    Currency – Kyrgyzstani Som
  5. The McMahon Line is India’s international boundary with which country?
    A) China
    B) Pakistan
    C) Bangladesh
    D) Myanmar
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    Option A
    The McMahon Line is the demarcation line between the Tibetan region of China and the North-east region of India
  6. The Madhav National Park is situated in which state?
    A) Jharkhand
    B) Madhya Pradesh
    C) Rajasthan
    D) Maharashtra
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    Option B
  7. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be held at___________
    A) Birmingham
    B) Glasgow
    C) Durban
    D) Tokyo
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    Option A
  8. The CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award is given for outstanding contribution in which field?
    A) Music
    B) Films & Television
    C) Sports
    D) Literature
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    Option C
  9. The headquarter of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is situated at________
    A) Paris
    B) Vienna
    C) Rome
    D) Berlin
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    Option B
    It is a specialized agency in the United Nations system, headquartered in Vienna, Austria
  10. Which of the following places is known as “Global Telecom City”?
    A) Noida
    B) Hyderabad
    C) Mumbai
    D) Bengaluru
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    Option D

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