General Awareness Quiz 1: History for SSC and other exams

General Awareness Quiz – History

General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and Railways exams.

Topic: History

  1. Who amongst the following is the first known Gupta ruler?
    A) Samudragupta

    B) Kumaragupta-I
    C) Chandragupta I
    D) Sri Gupta
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      Option D
    Explanation: Ruler from (240-280)
  2. Who forced out Greeks from India?
    A) Ashoka

    B) Samudragupta
    C) Vikramaditya
    D) Chandragupta Maurya
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      Option D
    Explanation: Chandragupta Maurya
  3. Who amongst the following had built the Virupaksha Temple?
    A) Chollas

    B) Pallavas
    C) Chalukyas
    D) Vakatakas
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    Option C
  4. Where is the rock cut temple of Kailasa located?
    A) Ellora

    B) Ajanta
    C) Elephanta
    D) Badami
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    Option A
    Explanation: The Kailasha temple is one of the largest Indian roc -cut ancient Hindu temples located in the Ellora Caves, Maharashtra
  5. The Morley-Minto reform reserved seats for which community?
    A) Jains

    B) Jews
    C) Christians
    D) Muslims
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    Option D
    Explanation: A 1909 legislative enactment, called the Morley-Minto reforms, conferred some political reforms which encouraged the constitutionalists in the Congress. Indians who could be elected to the legislatures on the basis of the 1861 Indian Councils Act increased numerically. A momentous introduction in the reforms were the separate electorates where seats were reserved for Muslims and in which only Muslims would be polled.
  6. The national flag of Independent India has been designed by?
    A) Mahatma Gandhi

    B) Pingali Venkayya
    C) Subhash Chandra Bose
    D) Rabindranath Tagore
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    Option B
    Explanation: The National Flag of India was adopted in its present form during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 22 July 1947, and it became the official flag of India on 15 August 1947. The flag was subsequently retained as that of the Republic of India. The flag is based on the Swaraj flag, a flag of the Indian National Congress designed by Pingali Venkayya.
  7. Which Mughal ruler had banned dance and music?
    A) Akbar

    B) Aurangzeb
    C) Humayun
    D) Jahangir
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    Option B
    Explanation: He disliked music and dancing
  8. In which year First battle of Panipat fought?
    A) 1526

    B) 1687
    C) 1510
    D) 1436
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    Option A
    Explanation: The First Battle of Panipat, on 21 April 1526, was fought between the invading forces of Babur and the Lodi Kingdom.
  9. Golden Temple of Amritsar was built by?
    A) Guru Amar Das

    B) Guru Tegh Bahadur
    C) Guru Nanak
    D) Guru Arjan Dev
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    Option D
  10. In which city is the Iron Pillar in Quwwat-ul Mosque located?
    A) Delhi

    B) Mumbai
    C) Kolkata
    D) Mysore
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    Option A