Static GK Based Quiz – Set 23

Static GK is an important portion asked in banking exams. Study our static GK topics and practice through the quiz questions to excel in the exams. Quiz based on mixed static GK topics.

Number of Questions: 15

  1. Kanger Valley National Park is located in _________.
    A) Manipur

    B) Kerala
    C) Gujarat
    D) Chhattisgarh
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      Option D
  2. “Nicosia” is the Capital of ________.
    A) Tanzania

    B) Cyprus
    C) Ukraine
    D) Uruguay
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      Option B
  3. “Joodu Haligi” is the dance form of which state ?

    B) Tripura
    C) Assam
    D) Karnataka
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    Option D
  4. Kota City is situated which of the following Rivers?
    A) Mahi

    B) Ganga
    C) Tapi
    D) Chambal
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    Option D
  5. 16th November is celebrated as ______.
    A) World Quality Day

    B) World Kindness Day
    C) World Philosophy Day
    D) World Diabetes Day
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    Option C
  6. The India Standard time is determined according to___.
    A) 82.5 degree East

    B) 82.5 degree West
    C) 80.5 degree East
    D) 69 degree West
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    Option A
  7. “Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany” is located in _________.
    A) Agra

    B) Bhopal
    C) Lucknow
    D) Indore
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    Option C
  8. Minister of Steel Chaudhary Birender Singh belongs to which Constituency ?
    A) Himachal Pradesh

    B) Haryana
    C) Bihar
    D) Jhansi
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    Option B  
  9. “Global Corruption Report” Published by __________.
    A) IMF

    B) Transparency International
    C) ILO
    D) UNHCR
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    Option B
    Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization which is based in Berlin, Germany, and was founded in 1993.
  10. What is the Abbreviation of “PMEGP” ?
    A) Prim Minster’s Education Generation Program

    B) Prim Minster’s Employment Generation Program
    C) Pradhan Mantri Enhancement guarantee Program
    D) Prim Minster’s Employment Generation Partnership
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    Option B
  11. “Ujjani Dam” is situated on the Bank of which River ?
    A) Bhima

    B) Kapur
    C) Tawa
    D) Mahi
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    Option A
  12. Sagardighi Thermal Power Station is located in Which State?
    A) Uttar Pradesh

    B) West Bengal
    C) Bihar
    D) Gujarat
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    Option B
  13. Marlin Prize is given in the Field of ________.
    A) Music

    B) Sports
    C) Peace
    D) Magic
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    Option D
  14. In Which year was Pulitzer Prize established?
    A) 1942

    B) 1917
    C) 1920
    D) 1968
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    Option B
  15. Where is the Headquarter of Central Asian Football Association ?
    A) Astana

    B) Tashkent
    C) Kabul
    D) Delhi
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    Option B

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